Samsung UK / Ireland unlock code All levels


Use this service to unlock any Samsung phone from UK and Ireland regardless the network the device is locked to. 

Please be sure your devices are locked to Samsung UK, not Asia, South America, etc. 

This is a NON REFUND factory database. All codes are corect!

Alert: Incase the provided unlock code doest not work

There is No Verify option for codes obtained by this tool. Codes provided are factory codes and will not work Only in case phone has Bypass/OS Related/Operator changing code Issues. Strictly No Refunds even with videos.

1: Majority cases when phone ask for NCK code - dial the Unfreeze code in the NCK box instead of NCK code and it will say fail. With the second attempt dial the correct NCK.

2 : Update the phone software to fix the damaged or corrupted SIMlock data

If this doesn''t fix your problem please check the troubleshooting tips for Samsung device in the KB


处理时间: 1-2 days


订单类型: IMEI

服务类型: 服务器



订单处理: API